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We're passionate about giving back

We choose to support the cause of a non-profit called Love146. This name is representative of the number pinned to the red dress of a young girl who was being auctioned as a sex slave to the highest bidder for the evening. She still had fire in her eyes and fight in her spirit, unlike the other young girls with a blank stare through their glazed over eyes.

The number pinned to that girl became the name of the company whose purpose is to end this horrific practice. Below is their vision.

The trafficking and exploitation of children is one of the darkest stories and most severe human rights abuses imaginable. But for us, the hope of ending it is a reality. Love146 is providing effective and thoughtful solutions while helping grow the movement to end child trafficking. We believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change. Love is the foundation of our motivation.

Love is the foundation of our name because it is our motivating drive to end the trafficking and exploitation of children.

Love146 Logo_Black and Red With Tagline.

We feel strongly about helping these vulnerable children and so donate to this very worthy cause from the revenue of our firm.


If you’d like to help, please visit to make a donation.

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