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Do you know if you're paying too much in taxes and fees or experiencing lower performance?

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The Intersection of Aging Science and Wealth Management

Wealthspan Advisors is founded by two scientists specializing in longevity and two experienced financial advisors with decades of experience. Their goal is to help people achieve optimal wealth and health by considering the impact these two aspects have on each other.


Wealthspan Advisors incorporates the science of aging into the discussion of wealth planning. They consider your unique individual attributes when designing a hyper-focused personalized plan that factors in your lifespan and healthspan, including any gaps with your spouse's lifespan and healthspan. This conversation may be unfamiliar, but it is essential for making informed financial decisions.


We take the time to get to know you as an individual, understand your unique financial situation, and determine your goals so that we can work together to create a personalized plan to help you achieve them. We focus on critical aspects, including managing risk, guiding income distribution, handling RMDs and taxes, estate planning, and ensuring longevity. We only recommend financial products or concepts if they can help you reach your objectives. In short, our sole concern is helping you achieve your financial goals.
As fiduciary advisors, we only provide recommendations that are in your best interest and free from conflicts of interest, regardless of our method of compensation. Being independent means we do not have any products or sales quotas to meet, and we can provide you with unbiased financial advice. Any recommendation we make regarding financial products is made with your best interest in mind.

“The reason why most people face the future with apprehension instead of anticipation is because they don’t have it well designed.”

... Jim Rohn
People who plan tend to live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives in their later years. Although some of the usual problems that come with old age, like age-related diseases and their expenses, can affect planners and non-planners alike, the outcomes of such events can differ significantly depending on how, when, and whether we plan for them.

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