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The Intersection of Aging Science and Wealth Management

Wealthspan Advisors...
a company that came into being because two scientists in the field of longevity study joined forces with two experienced financial advisors with a vision of helping people realize their greatest wealth and health by being aware of both and the impact each has on the other. 
By introducing aging science into the wealth planning conversation, we start from a foundation based on your unique attributes and build a plan that is completely unique to you, your lifespan, your healthspan and the gap that may exist with the lifespan and healthspan of your spouse, if applicable.  It's a conversation you've likely never had and an experience you've likely never heard of, but it's instrumental in financial decision making.

As Financial Advisors, It Isn’t Our Job Or Goal

To Sell Anything To Anyone

It’s our job to find out who you are, where you are, and what you want to accomplish so we can design a plan together to get you there. We will concentrate on several topics which often include risk management, distribution or income planning, RMD and tax planning, estate planning, and longevity planning. The financial products that are recommended are only recommended because they will help you accomplish your goals - that's the only thing that matters.
As independent fiduciary advisors, we are held to a legal responsibility to make recommendations that are in your best interest with no conflicts of interest based on how we get paid. The fact that we are independent also means we don't have any proprietary products or company quotas we need to meet.  So, you can rest assured that any recommendation concerning any financial product is made with your best interest in mind.

“The reason why most people face the future with apprehension instead of anticipation is because they don’t have it well designed.”

... Jim Rohn
Money is a means to an end, but what end are you trying to accomplish?
  • Peace
  • Health
  • Fulfillment
  • Clarity
  • Happiness
  • Significance
we want to help you identify the end you'd like to accomplish and then put a plan in place so you'll do just that.
The people that live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives in their later years tend to be those that planned ahead. While many of the usual problems that arise in old age do not discriminate between planners and non-planners, such as the onset and progression of age-related diseases and their attendant costs, the consequences of these events, when they do occur, can influence our lives in entirely different ways depending on whether, when, and how we planned for them.

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