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    Our comprehensive planning approach attracts many medical professional because of the way we mix science and wealth management.  We also understand the many challenges medical professionals, and doctors specifically, face as they accumulate wealth and plan for retirement. 


    Because of much of the science behind our asset management and planning process, we have a solution that is very attractive to professional athletes who know they have a career with a limited duration and a need to plan for a future beyond professional sports.




    Many of our current clients are in or near retirement and have depended on our experience to help them plan for the income they need while also helping them manage risk, reduce taxes and lower fees.  Health and longevity assessment and planning are also key ingredients to a complete wealthspan plan. 


    Federal employees have a unique retirement system and they depended on our experience to help them navigate their choices and plan for the income they need while also helping them manage risk, reduce taxes and lower fees.  Health and longevity assessment planning are also key ingredients to a complete wealthspan plan. 


    Business owners have a unique set of responsibilities, liabilities and opportunities that we need to help them plan for and through.  From key employee planning to company sponsored plans to business growth funding to business succession, we have the experience to help you plan and succeed. 


    You may just be getting started and have time on your side, but the sooner you begin to plan for and work toward accumulating wealth and eliminating debt, the faster you'll find a path to financial freedom.  It isn't easy and doesn't come without sacrifices, but with the right education and tools, we can help you grow your net worth in substantial ways. 


    Many different professions have specific demands that can affect health and how you plan for wealth accumulation and distribution.  We custom design plans and portfolios to meet the individual needs of our many clients whose careers are varied significantly. 

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